G.E.O. Love

The Cascade Mandala above is situated over the convergence of Mt. Olympus, Mt. Baker, and Whistler. A very strong vortex and one that is instrumental to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

G.E.O. LOVE  =  Google Earth One Love

I have a deep love of maps and topography. It's my eagle's eye view to life. 

About 2 years ago I began spending the wee hours doing extended travel thru Google Earth. I would focus light energy on specific locations of fires, hurricanes, and flooding. Sometimes in advance of an event or without knowledge of current news, I simply focused on an area of the planet that needed new templates, an infusion, clearing, or a blessing of some kind.

Blessing the planet in any manner is available to everyone. Google is one of my mediums of choice. Offering healing energy via Google Earth is one way to send your powerful life force to any place, person, or beings on the planet. Collectively, it's a very powerful way to synergize love to a specific physical location.

Geomancy is the study and divination of earth energy. It is the connection and dialogue between spirit and place. Sensing and shaping spaces in harmony with both the physical and the spiritual environment of the place. With my earth works, I create glyphs that bring a particular "song" or frequency to a place that requires rebalancing or restoration.

The Shri Yantra mandala is considered the most powerful yantra. It bestows peace and protection, and removes all physical, mental and spiritual ailments. It is sacred geometry in it's finest form.