Song for Semiahmoo

Song for Semiahmoo was created during 3 days of the Full Moon of the Buddha.


It was the most blissful full moon I've ever experienced. 

 As I gathered grass for days, I was deeply immersed in the earthy sweet scents 

of the fresh and dried grass while I listened to the sounds of ocean life.


The first morning a coyote greeted me and geese flew in and out.

The father eagle flew (see Eagle's Nest below) in circles above the emerging piece, 

as the mother eagle squawked from her nest (I think he was gone just a little too long).


Song for Semiahmoo (a.k.a "The Day the Grass Clippings Went for a Walk")

is approximately 30' x 35'.


The photos were taken at different times of the day to explore the 

variation in contrast from living to cut grass.

The last photo was taken at 4am as the moon was setting and the sun was rising.

A barred owl flew over the piece just as I was setting up my camera.

The Semiahmoo were a coastal dwelling indigenous tribe of Straits Salish People 

of Southwestern British Columbia.