Forever Soul Heart

Carved clay heart rattle before firing.

This piece has a whole new energy to it.  

When I was about 7, I used to make these large conical mounds

during the summer at the beach. I created them with a spiral wrapping

around from the top to the bottom.  The channel was large enough for a marble

to roll all the way thru.  The trick was to get the walls shaped well so that

the marble would keep moving and not fly off the side.

Around that same time, I went to visit The Giant Heart 

at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  

This is a remarkable "pulsing" two-story heart that you walk thru.

Remember the Giant Pink Sea Snail in Dr. Dolittle?

Stay with me in this glimpse of How Whitney's Mind Works.

Do you recall the inner chambers of the snail, as they climb inside

with all of their goodies for the voyage?  

Last part.  

Travel on over to Glastonbury Tor.

Feel the undulations of the energy of that great earthen mound.  

There is a spiral sequence to feeling the full pulse of that site.

What is this all about?  Well . . . Spherical Consciousness.

Holding several dimensions of awareness, simultaneously.

Thinking (or feeling) Outside of the Sphere.

This heart fits in your hand, AND you can journey thru of it's grander landscape.  

A (temple)ate or key to an etheric city of the Golden Age.

p.s.  Did I mention Lost in Space: Trip Through the Robot 

Seriously, it was the best episode.  

The Robot ventures into the Valley of Shadows to die, 

because he is very low on power.  Will and Smith find him, grown to monstrous size! 

The two enter the now-huge robot and make adjustments to start the Robot's "heart" again.

They walk thru his heart in order to fix it.  Very Madeleine L'Engle.