Full Moon Fire Ceremony

Semiahmoo, at the place once called "the Hole in the Sky".

. . . . .

Sugar was used to draw the circle (10 lbs disappeared into the crevices of the rocks),

and then I added cornmeal.

Bark with resin was placed at 10 points on top

of the sugar to create the foundation for the sacred fire.

Cedar, fresh and dried sage, rosemary, cedar resin, tobacco, lavender and

rose petals were placed on top.

Chocolate and honey were offered for daily blessings. The copal and myrrh given

for the union of masculine and feminine. 

Candles the colors of the six directions.

Red, black, white, yellow, blue and green were offered to the 4 directions.

Red: all native Indian nations, yellow: Asian and Mongolian, black: Africa and India and parts of the Middle East, white: all nations of the white nations, blue honors the sky and green honors the earth. 

I played the hauca created for me by my friend Rafael Bejarano of www.soundsofcreation.org


I waited until the sun kissed the sea and then lit the fire. 

The experience was a profound awakening of the senses. I had spent the day preparing the ingredients and then prepared myself for this ceremony. The sea was still, the sunset radiant, and there was an incredible peace that followed. The fragrances from the fire were intoxicating . As the darkness approached and the fire completed, an otter came swimming towards me and stayed.

Peace within my heart.