"The medicine infused in your creations has been like a map into the purpose of our hearts."

Rafael Bejarano


"Whitney is anointing our Earth with seeds of wisdom and knowledge for future generations."

Judith Moore

"I sense a strong intention to bring us in touch with our highest purpose, the same way that sacred art and objects have always done through the ages. Whitney's creations are an affirmation of the human potential for evolving ourselves through spiritual observance and interaction with the beauty of the natural world."

S. Simms

"Her work creates a multi sensory experience delivering beauty to the eye, healing the heart and sparking the soul."

Teresa Marinelli 

"Whitney brings the heart of the sacred into form through her mastery and love. I am honored to include her work amongst my most treasured possessions."

Gini Gentry

"Whitney's sculptures contain a real magical charge, and embody a dedication to craft and Divinity that awakens our memory to a time and place when we lived in closer contact with the Goddess."

Anne Niven

"Whitney's Turtle Labyrinth is a 'cosmograph', part of a growing collection of environmental sculptures around the world that reflect aspects of heaven, or the cosmos, here on earth."

Ginger Tomasetti