Sounds of Color

A few years ago I begged my 5 yr old neighbor to lend me his "original, still in the plastic wrap"

Spirograph set that his mom had just bought for him on Ebay. He soon upgraded to a deluxe edition,

and generously gave me the basic model.  For me, Spirograph is THE BEST TOY EVER.  

But now, there is something even cooler.  Yes, thanks to the brilliance of Ze Frank,

we have Create Your Own Flower.  Holy moly, if Ze could only combine the two.


I love this GIZMO!  As you begin drawing, you Instantly see the interaction of symmetry

and form.  Using the natural shapes of flower petals, you can create a beautiful range of

spontaneous mandalas.  This is a wonderful way to see symmetry in motion.  

Experiment with varying the number of petals and the opacity percentage.