2000 Year Old Recipe


I'm going to a traditional doctor of Oriental medicine in Chinatown in Vancouver.  

He wrote my diagnosis and gave the recipe to two older women in the front 

of the shop to fill.  Like little elves (they were about half my height) they 

opened drawers and jars of all sorts of things and weighed the items on a hand 

brass scale, placing all the preparations on individual pieces of brown paper.

This magnificent botanical world blossomed for me as I watched

the women putting all the ingrediants on the organic paper.

  While I was waiting for my herbs, I asked the doctor what some of the items were 

 and about the different items around me.  


This recipe for strengthening the blood and building immunity is over 2000 years old!  

These ingredients are all for the stock that I need to cook each day.  

I thanked him for not including the dried geckos, watersnakes, 

and seahorses in my remedy.  


One can meditate on this mandala for the purpose of strengthening one's blood,

as the image carries the energetic alchemy of the ancient recipe.