Are your labyrinths open to the public?

The earlier earthworks were created as temporary installations and were not maintained after their completion.

The labyrinths created at Pacifica Graduate Institute, near Santa Barbara, CA, are open to the public.  The Illumination Labyrinth™ is located near beautiful citrus groves on the site of a former private estate built in 1924.  Please contact the Lambert Campus reception to make arrangements to visit this site.  The Ladera Labyrinth is located on the northwest corner of the Ladera Campus. Public parking is available nearby.

Are your images available for licensing?

I receive frequent requests for permission to use my images in various forms of product and media.  At this time, my work is not available for licensing.

I would like to create a Love Labyrinth™ or an Illumination Labyrinth™,  how do I go about it?

The Love Labyrinth™ is available in 6, 7, 8, 9, and 11 circuit templates for use in private and commercial installations.  The Illumination Labyrinth™ is available as 7 circuits only.  Contact me for details on limited exclusivity use.